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Traditional Handmade Iron Spatula & Ladle for Woks

Traditional Handmade Iron Spatula & Ladle for Woks

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  • ZhenSanHuan Hand-Hammered iron ladle spatula utensils, hollow and long handle wok tools, detail-oriented.
  • Chinese cooking spoon, chef professional ladle and spatula, durable and will last forever. 40CM (15.7 inches) long. Hollow handles prevent heat.
  • No coating, no painting, forged from one piece of iron. Please dry it after washing to prevent from rusting.
  • It can be used on fire directly for outdoor purpose, but dishwasher not safe.
  • Please dry it every time after washing, and it will last forever.

Product Description

The difference is in every detail between fake cheaper and ZhenSanHuan iron utensils.

You might wonder why there are many cheap iron utensils with the same or similar photos, what is the difference. It is easy to copy our texts and photos, but it takes years of experience to make it. "Artisan spirit" is not just a saying, you can find it in every detail of the product.

Nowadays it is so hard to just sit down and focus on the quality of your products. You have to spend lots of time fighting against copycats! And we really hate that.

So here are the differences, we simply show you all the differences, and let you decide if our products are worth your money.

A real ZhenSanHuan spatula is well balanced, made of one single piece of iron board, NO welding.

A real ZhenSanHuan iron spatula is made of 2.5mm thickness of iron board, hand-polished, you still can see the polishing prints. The connection gap is even and smooth, NO welding.

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