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Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan, 13'', Stainless Steel

Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan, 13'', Stainless Steel

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  • : The splatter screen is of high quality adding ease to the frying process. This is best grease splatter screen that keeps you safe from hot oil bubbles while frying or cooking food. The splatter guard fits close to your frying pan and is compatible with every cooking container in your kitchen.
  • : With the quality assurance, the Zesproka splatter screen is manufactured with professional grade material of stainless mesh steel. This makes the grease screen rust free. The splatter screen is professionally welded to give high tolerance to bend and break. No scorching or breakage and adheres to the long lasting durability.
  • : The grease guard is equipped with supportive feet counters, heat resistant handle and heavy duty rim that makes it aligned in use and appearance. The perfect alignment of the splatter screen makes it comfortable and safe in its use.
  • : The splatter screen with 13 inch size and a long heat resistant handle is an ideal size for accomplishing the frying and cooking tasks safely. The 13 inch size splatter screen for frying pan can be used for every pots and can cover every container safeguarding you from blowing hot oil bubbles.
  • : The metal splatter shield can be used as the lid of the container while cooking or boiling the food. Along with this, a grease splatter screen can be used as veggie steamer, a cooling rack, an extra oil splitter for fried potatoes or chicken piece and also as a pasta strainer.

It is indeed an annoying task to clean up all of the oil splatters across counter top after frying bacons, chicken or eggs. Getting splashed occasionally when cooking food is also a painful experience. So we designed this splatter screen to stop oil splatters and protect you from hot oil. Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Construction Made of premium stainless steel fine mesh with a polished finish, this splatter shield keeps pops of oil from splattering all over your counter top. It allows steam to escape to prevent boilovers when making soup. It is anti-rusting and would last for a long time use. Fits 13-Inch Frying Pan Nicely The diameter of this oil splash guard is 13 inches, making it perfect for almost any pots, skillets and frying pans. Silicon Handle is A Nice Bonus The reinforced silicon handle is heat resistant and stays cool to touch. Besides, it is long enough to protect your hands from painful oil burns. Comfortable to grip and easy to store. Features Four Supporting Feet The grease guard is equipped with four resting feet that allows the screen to stand up, which means you can put it on the counter without getting greasy everywhere. Easy to Clean in The Dishwasher It is dishwasher safe and you can through this splatter screen into a dishwasher for easy cleaning. Useful for Other Kitchen Tasks This splatter guard also doubles as a pan lid, while the fine mesh lets all the steam out and allows you to watch the cooking process easily. Screen fits securely over the rim of your pan, protecting your stove and countertop from messy splatters. It works great & handy as a cooling rack for baked food, such as breads, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. It is multifunctional and you can even use it as a strainer or colander to strain water from a pot of pasta.

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