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4 Inch Cake Pan, Mini Cake Pan with Removable Bottom, Food Grade Aluminum Material and Non-Stick Coating. Our 4-Inch Cake Pan Is Evenly Heated and Durable. (3 Packs)

4 Inch Cake Pan, Mini Cake Pan with Removable Bottom, Food Grade Aluminum Material and Non-Stick Coating. Our 4-Inch Cake Pan Is Evenly Heated and Durable. (3 Packs)

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  • 🎂【EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE】: These 3 small cake pans have a non-stick coating on the outside, which makes it easy to take out the baked cake without any treatment. Moreover, special treatment is adopted at the bottom of the event to facilitate the removal of the cake without leakage.
  • 🎂【 DURABLE AND EVENLY BAKED】: JACKSUN's mini cake pans is made of High quality aluminum, which can avoid deformation, prevent rust and be durable, have a long service life and prevent leakage. The black non-stick coating makes the heat distribution more even during the baking process. This results in consistent baking results and is suitable for all oven types.
  • 🎂 【EASY TO CLEAN】:The 4-inch cake pan can safely use the dishwasher, saving cleaning labor after use; hand washing is also convenient; soak for a while; clean with warm water and neutral detergent
  • 🎂 【MULTI-PURPOSE AND SPACE-SAVING】: This small cake pans round 4 inch set is ideal for baking cakes, quiches, deep-dish pizzas, peelers, flan and gelatin molded desserts, ideal for children ’s first Make a layered smash cake for each birthday, and the beveled edge design can stack the three together. It takes less space.
  • 🎂【3-PIECE SET】: Inner size: 3.8 x 1.8”, Outer size: 4½” x 21.8”, These round baking pans are handy and versatile to meet most of your baking needs, Ideal gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, housewarming and other special occasions

Product Description

cake pan set

RICHSC-PAN brand cake mold. Use the highest quality material with a black non-stick coating. The whole cake baking process is more efficient than ordinary molds, and it is easier to demold during demolding. Without affecting the shape and appearance of the whole cake, the bottom is slightly beveled. It facilitates the superposition of multiple molds. Save a lot of space. Let you deeply feel the joy of baking during the production process

6-inch cake pan

The RICISC-PAN round cake pan set includes 3 6-inch cake pans with removable movable bottom. High-quality carbon steel material and food-grade healthy non-stick coating. Let you easily complete the cake making.

4 inch cake pan

RICHSC-PAN’s mini cake pan includes a set of three 4-inch cake pans. It is made of high-quality aluminum with a healthy and safe black non-stick coating. A small cake mold can bake multiple flavors of cakes at once without wasting. Also satisfy the tastes of more people.

4 and 6 inch cake pan set

This 4+6 inch cake mold set. It consists of 2 solid bottom 4-inch cake pans and 2 6-inch cake pans. High-quality aluminum material plus a healthy and safe non-stick coating. It can be easily demoulded without oily paper. More suitable for making all kinds of frozen mousse cakes, puddings, salads, steamed foods, etc.

High-quality products, user-friendly design

✔ The 6-inch cake pan is made of high-quality carbon steel and has a loose bottom design. strong and sturdy

✔ The 4-inch cake pan is made of high-quality aluminum and has a live bottom design. Lightweight and convenient

✔ The 4+6 inch cake pan is made of high-quality aluminum and has a solid bottom design. Suitable for all kinds of water bath heating cakes and air fryer, etc.

✔ Food grade: All cake pans do not contain silicone coating, non-PTFE, PTFE and PFOA.

Small size, wide range of uses

✔ Suitable for baking cakes and frozen mousse cakes

✔ Healthy diet: Less oil also has good non-stickiness.

✔ It is very suitable for baking desserts, meat, and can be used as a pie plate, shrimp steamer, etc.

Easy to clean, suitable for multiple scenarios

✔ The coating of our round cake pan is smooth and not easy to fall off. Easy to clean

✔ We are multiple product packages. Bake it once and you can make a high-rise cake

✔ It can adapt to family dinners, birthday parties, gifts, etc.

CATEGORY Cake Pan Cake Pan Cake Pan Tart Pan Tart Pan Tart Pan
SIZE 6 Inch 4Inch (4+6) Inch 9.5 Inch 3.5 Inch (3.5+9.5) Inch
QUANTITY 3Pc 3Pc 4Pc 1Pc 4Pc 5Pc
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